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Adding photos

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Today I added some photos into the Colors group. I put a flag in it. Then I add a macaroni and cheese picture in to the recipe to make my recipe looks more tasty. I learned how to upload pictures into the post, and I learned a lot of technique to make the picture looks better or where it will at.


Party day!~

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Today is the party day!! The first time that I made my new recipe of macaroni and cheese. Also today I will play the songs that I had cut and edit for a really long time. After the party, it comes out pretty good. Everyone’s food is very tasty and nice. It’s very fun baking food at school, and by the first time of making the macaroni and cheese with  ham it was a quite successful. I was very happy that my food taste good for the first time even though it’s not perfect.

Finding Videos

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        Finding videos is my favourite job. It can both watching some fun videos, also I can learn something new from it. I tried to find 4 videos according to teacher’s requirements. I tried to find some easy to listen, easy to understands, and useful ones. I do found some really good ones, and I like them really much too. They teaches me new things that I had never learned before. One thing that I had also learn but not from the video was that, by searching YouTube I can learn a lot of things that I don’t know. Also with graphics, I can learn easily.

Things I should have in my blog

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Today, I added all the pages that were required from the teacher. I added a lot of pages, and I learned how to add pages too.

Testing 1

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I cooked macaroni and cheese today. I was pretty nervous the whole time, and I made a lot of mistakes. I accidently prepare ingredients that doesn’t need in my recipe. Lucky that I figure it out before I put it in to my pot. The macaroni and cheese took me almost 3 hours to finish it. I was worried about the time, hope that next time when I do this I won’t spent much times like this.

Theme & Testing

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Today I moved all the categories under customs into the Themes. By creating links so that every time I click it, it will jump down to where I wanted. By doing that, I used Dreamweaver. It’s a software that can turn text into html or code format. It is a very cool program. By the first time of using it, I liked it very much. It is a great tools to use when I’m going to make any html.

Recipies searching

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Today, I went through the internet to search for some Macaroni and Cheese recipe. I’m trying to find one that doesn’t need to use too much time. Because the oven need to preheat plus the heating time, most of the method at least need more than 50 minutes. It took too much time. The party only lasts for about a hour or so, therefore I need to find one that took less time. I found a lot of recipes, including long time, short time; from the internet and from the book. Once, I went to Asia Book and searched for the Macaroni and Cheese recipe. I copied the intructions and the ingredients, but I forgot to note down the books name. Over all, I found some really good recipesm. At the end, I will choose one from the recipes and I will use it for cooking.

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